November 9th, 2014  Pastor Matt Pearson

Grace Abounds


October 26,2014

Keep Going Pastor Matt Pearson

Oct. 19th, 2014  Pastor Matt Pearson

Diversity Matters Oct. 19th, 2014

October 12th, 2014, Pastor Matt Pearson

Pray Do

October 5th, 2014

Pastor Matt Pearson


INfinite Hope

September 28th, 2014

Big, Bigger, Biggest.  Pastor Matt Pearson

Sermon Sept 28th, 2014


September 21, 2014

Pastor Matt Pearson

Enough is Enough


Matthew Pearson, Pastor

Sept. 14th" Full Frontal Foregiveness"

Sermons Earlier This Year

Sept 7th, Fact or Friction

Fact or Friction

August 17th, Open Out

Pastor Matt Pearson

Open Out

Green Eyes, Pastor Matt Pearson

Green Eyes, August 10th, 2014

Be and Do, Here and Now, Pastor Matt Pearson

Be and Do, Here and Now July 27th

Sermon : July 20th,2014 You Know Me

You Know Me.

July 13th,2014  Pastor Matt Pearson

July 13th Sermon

July 6th, 2014 Pastor Matt Pearson

Sermon July 6th

June 29th: Rev. Loretta Thomas

New Wine Skins, New Wine

June 22nd:Click here:  Home Is Something You Haven't to Deserve

click here for the sermon  June 15th, 2014

"1+1+1=1" Trinity Sunday

Rev. Loretta Thomas

June 8: "From Believers' Hearts"

Rev. Ted Virts Acts 2:1-21 "All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit"  Signs of the Spirit among us...

From Believers' Hearts

June 1: "That All May Be One"Rev. Ted Virts

That All May Be One

May 11 Sermon  Rev. Loretta Thomas

"Just Listen"

April 20, 2014. Easter Sunday Rev. Ted Virts

Roll Away the Stone

April 13, 2014 - Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday

Rev. Ted Virts

The message was given from notes, many of which are contained in this Good Friday meditation

Good Friday meditation

March 23, 2014: "They made me do it!: Excuses - Blame."

Rev. Ted Virts

They Made Me Do It!

March 16, 2014: "You're Not the Boss of Me; Excuses - Pride"

Rev. Ted Virts

You're Not the Boss of Me!

March 9, 2014: "Temptation"

Rev. Ted Virts


March 2, 2014: "Jesus' Church"

Rev. Ted Virts

Jesus' Church

February 23, 2014: "Jesus' Followers"

Rev. Ted Virts

Jesus' Followers

February 16, 2014: "Jesus' Way"

Rev. Ted Virts

Jesus' Way

February 9, 2014: "The God Jesus Followed"

Rev Ted Virts

The God Jesus Followed

February 2, 2014: "Trying to be Good"

Rev. Ted Virts

Trying to be Good

January 26, 2014

Rev. Loretta Thomas

  Sermon Jan. 26

January 19th, 2014  "Them is Us

Rev. Loretta Thomas

Them is Us

Jan 5, 2014: Silent Beginnings

Rev. Ted Virts

Silent Beginnings

Last Year

Dec 29: In the Bleak Midwinter

Rev. Ted Virts

Isaiah 63:7-9: "He became their savior in all their distress." Isaiah 63. Poems and Songs to move through the end of the Christmas season

In the Bleak Midwinter

Dec 22: The Expected Surprise

Rev. Ted Virts

The Expected Surprise

Dec 15: Christmas Pageant - the message is the children's pageant.

Dec 8: Already There

Rev. Ted Virts

Already There

Dec 1: Walking into Trees

Rev. Ted Virts

Walking into Trees

November 24: Lectures about Light

Rev Ted Virts

Lectures about Light


November 3 :

Do You Remember?
Rev. Loretta Thomas, Guest Preacher

October 27: Wesley and Holiness: Faith and Life

Rev. Ted Virts

Matthew 5:13-14; 8:24-27:  "You are the salt of the earth, you are the light of the world." "Why are you afraid?" Every day counts.  Every moment is a "God moment."

Faith and Life

October 13: Wesley and Holiness: Journey In

Rev. Ted Virts

Luke 17:11-17; Matthew 6:25-31 "Do not worry about your life..."  Matthew 6; "One of them...turned back praising God..."  Luke 17. When do you think about God?

Wesley and Holiness: Journey In

October 6: The Common Meal

Rev. Ted Virts

Matthew 26:21-30 "take, eat..."  The poetry and symbolism of the holy  meal.

The Common Meal


September 29: A Hopeful Earth: Food

Rev. Ted Virts

Luke 9:12-17 "and all ate and were filled" Food, food rules, inclusion and exclusion.

A Hopeful Earth: Food

September 22: A Hopeful Earth: Water

Rev. Ted Virts

John 4:1-30 "A Samaritan woman came to draw water"  Water, life, Spirit

A Hopeful Earth: Water

September 15: The Love of Stuff

Rev. Ted Virts

Luke 12:13-21; Hebrews 13:1-6 "Be content with what you have." Do I buy that shirt?

The Love of Stuff

September 8: The Bible and the Earth

Rev. Ted Virts

Genesis 1:24-31; Genesis 9:1-4 "God saw what [he] had made and it was very good"  Beginning a series informed by A Hopeful Earth by Dyck and Erhman. The earth as God's gift for us to care for.

The Bible and the Earth

September 1: Let's talk - a conversation with the congregation - questions and responses between congregation and Pastor.  No manuscript available

August 25: Hear Our Cry

Rev. Ted Virts

Hear Our Cry

August 18: Where Are You Going?

Rev. Ted Virts

Where Are You Going?

August 11: Rules, Threats, Freedom

Rev. Ted Virts

Rules, Threats, Freedom

August 4: Preparation and Salvation

Rev. Ted Virts

Preparation and Salvation

July 21: Will You Pray with Me?

Rev. Loretta Thomas

 Will You Pray With Me? Sermon July 21

July 14th: Which is Better

Rev. Loretta Thomas

Which is Better?


July 7th: So Much for So Little

Rev. Loretta Thomas

So Much for So Little

June 30th, Some Gifts for Me?

Rev. Loretta Thomas

Some Gifts for Me?



June 16th..

Reflection: Notes from a Fool’s Journey

Rev. Rob Angus Jones

Sermon June 16th

June 9: Ancient Prayer

Rev Ted Virts

Ancient Prayer

June 2: Ancient Worship

Rev Ted Virts

Ancient Worship


May 26: Kindling the Spirit

Rev. Rejean Idzerda

May 19: Our Turn

Rev. Ted Virts

Our Turn

May 5: Jesus Gets Out of the Way

Rev. Ted Virts

Jesus Gets Out of the Way


April 28th: What Does Love Have to Do With It?

Rev. Loretta Thomas

Sermon April 28th

April 14th, 2013:  Just an Ordinary Experience

by Rev. Loretta Thomas  

April 14th Sermon

April 7, 2013: Easter and Doubt

by the Rev. Ted Virts

Easter and Doubt

March 31, 2013: Amazed at What Happened

Amazed at What Happened


March 24, 2013:They Led Him Away

Palm Sunday worship experience

March 17, 2013: When the Lord Restored

When the Lord Restored

March 10, 2013: Starting Over

Starting Over

March 3, 2013: Whose Fault?

Whose Fault?

Feb 24, 2013: The Sadness of God

The Sadness of God

Feb 17, 2013: Wilderness


Feb 10, 2013: For One Brief Moment

For One Brief Moment

Feb 3, 2013: Rough Starts

Rough Starts

January 6, 2013: A Multitude of Camels

A Multitude of Camels

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